Our insistence in product quality is based on our background working in the design and publishing industry.

Prior printing, we provide professional advices to optimising the outcomes. For example, techniques on making edits on the primary export file to avoid problems caused by limitation of all kinds of printing technology, is one of the best thing we do. Besides, we also provide variety of printing solutions to make production cost-effective with the best quality affordable.

With our all-rounded knowledge on both design and printing, Printing Room saves your money and time on fail prints for all sorts of reasons. As perfectionists ourselves, we’re proud to be the icing of your cake.

Printing Room 之所以執著於成品質素,因為我地都係設計同岀版業岀身。


綜合設計同印刷嘅經驗知識,除左可以避免浪費因為file問題 / 印刷限制而印衰左又無仇報既時間同成本之外,我地亦會企係令成件事更加完美既出發點為你思考,令你嘅作品錦上添花。

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